Court Filing Fees

Fees as of October 3, 2023

Criminal Cases
Civil Cases
Mortgage Foreclosure
Small Claims Cases
Probate (Guardianship) Cases
Estate Cases
Juvenile Cases
Juvenile Paternity Cases
Adoption Cases
$157 (Plus a separate $70 check made out to Indiana Department of Health plus $10 birth record fee, if born in Indiana. All states vary.)
Infraction/Ordinance Violation Cases
Pretrial Diversion Program for one year
$359.50 (driving offense), $359.00 (non-driving offense)
Deferral Program – driving offense
$192.50 (driving offense), $192.00 (non-driving offense)
Hardship License
Seatbelt Violations
Child Restraint Violations

Additional Fees that may apply:

Sheriff Service
Sheriff Service post judgment
Additional defendant named other than the first
Each small claim garnishee defendant in excess of 3
Certification of Copies
All copies of court cases, marriage records and divorce decrees
$1 per page

Other fees may apply according to the amount of research.  All information dated before 1965 is located in the Ripley County Historical Society building.  You may contact them at 812-689-3031 for additional assistance.

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