Property Tax Calculation

As of 5-12-15 the Auditor’s Office will no longer be calculating tax amounts for split parcels. If you need this figured you may use the DLGF Tax Bill Calculator.

Please remember that these figures are an estimate only and should not be taken as a statement of true tax liability.

To figure your bill you will need the property values which can be obtained from the Assessor’s office. You will also need to know the deductions that will be or are on the tax bill for the current tax year.

Any bill that is figured that currently has a homestead will be a little off because Ripley County has a CEDIT Homestead rate which lowers the tax liability of homestead property owners. An estimate of this amount can be calculated by taking the amount of Net Annual Tax Bill Estimated times the CEDIT Homestead Rate.

Please remember the calculations you figure need to come back to the amount that the parent parcel was billed for.

This can also be used to estimate the amount on a building or acreage that you would like to know the tax amount on. You will just need the same information as above.

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